Terms of Service

Mahalo (Hawaiian word for “thank you”) for choosing Babysitters Hawaii as your resource and referral for safe, reliable, and quality child care. Please take the time to read carefully through our Terms of Service and Policies & Procedures to help you understand our process. Many questions or concerns that clients may have are addressed within […]

Terms of Service

Mahalo (Hawaiian word for “thank you”) for choosing Babysitters Hawaii as your resource and referral for safe, reliable, and quality child care. Please take the time to read carefully through our Terms of Service and Policies & Procedures to help you understand our process. Many questions or concerns that clients may have are addressed within the document.


Section I More About Babysitters Hawaii
Section II Terms of Service
…1. General Liability
…2. Referral
…3. Reservation & Cancellation Fees
Section III Policies and Procedures
…1. Child Care
…2. Rates
……A. Standard Rate
……B. Overnight Care
……C. Holiday Rate
…3. Payment
……A. Reservation Fee
……B. Cancellation Fee
……C. Child Care Fee
…4. Forms
……A. General Liability
……B. Rate & Pay
……C. Swimming Waiver
……D. Medical Waiver
…5. Child Care Provider Screening
……A. Independent Contractors
……B. Valid Government Issued Identification/Driver’s License
……C. Experience/References
……D. CPR/First-Aid Certified
……E. Medical Evaluation
……F. Criminal History Screening
……G. Sex Offender Search
…6. Hours of Operation
……A. Child Care
……B. Phone
……C. Email, Message or Form Submission via Web
…7. Internet
……A. Internet Privacy Policy Statement

Section I More About Babysitters Hawaii

Babysitters Hawaii operates on the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii as an agency providing a nanny referral service. This service is generally for families traveling to the island on business or vacation in need of quality, safe, and reliable temporary care. All nannies in the Babysitters Hawaii database have undergone and passed an extensive background screening process (see Section III, 5A-G) as well as an in-person interview and assessment of qualifications. A reservation can be made for a nanny by completing our Nanny Request Form or calling 808-799-8388.

Babysitters Hawaii has serviced many families on the island since 2011. In 2013, Babysitters Hawaii became established to work directly with hotels and vacation properties. Babysitters Hawaii is licensed by the state of Hawaii and holds a General Liability Insurance Policy, which hotels and vacation property owners can ask to review a copy of this policy by emailing info@babysittershawaii.com.

Babysitters Hawaii believes in the value of being able to rely on a child care provider and for this reason refers families to nannies who are experienced, compassionate, patient, nurturing, timely, safe, trustworthy, and so much more.

Section II Terms of Service

1. General Liability

Parent/Guardian Clients

By using our service you understand and agree to hold Babysitters Hawaii, their successors, assigned agents and affiliates harmless from loss or damage to the property or injury to any persons, including yourself and those of whom you are Parent/Guardian, resulting from the use of the referral service.

Independent Contractor Child Care Providers

As the nanny providing child care to clients referred to you by Babysitters Hawaii, you agree to survey the parents/guardians and your safety with them. If you feel you are being mistreated or not in a safe environment, you must take professional action and use your best judgment to terminate your child care services with the parents/guardians. You understand and agree to hold Babysitters Hawaii, their successors, assigned agents and affiliates harmless from loss or damage to the property or injury to any persons, including you, resulting from the use of the referral service.

2. Referral

Our referral service is provided by reserving a nanny through our Nanny Request Form, emailing Babysitters Hawaii via info@babysittershawaii.com, or calling us directly at 808-799-8388. Reservations made over the internet, must be secured by a follow up phone call at least 48 hours in advance.

3. Reservation & Cancellation Fees

The client agrees to provide a valid credit/debit care to secure the reservation. The card will not be charged to hold the reservation unless you are reserving more than 12 hours. Reservation for more than 12 hours of child care will be subject to a 30% non-refundable deposit. Further payments of services are to be paid in cash-only by the client to the nanny at the end of the sit (provided care); all rates include the nanny’s fee and agency fee. If there is a cancellation within 24 hours of a reservation, the client agrees to pay 30% of the three hour minimum. A three hour minimum charge will apply to same day cancellations. Cancellations  within two weeks of a reservation of more than 12 hours will forfeit their deposit.

Section III Policies and Procedures

1. Child Care

The terms “nanny,” “the Nanny,” “babysitter,” and “the Babysitter” are to be used synonymously to describe the title of the child care provider.

In-Home Care (also In-Room Care) is care provided in the child’s home (vacation home, hotel room) and the provider is called a “babysitter” or “nanny.” This type of care is not regulated by the Department of Human Services.

Nanny to Child Ratio

Birth to 18 months 1:2 (one adult to two babies)

18 months to 2 years 1:4

2 to 3 years old 1:5

4 to 12 years old 1:6

2. Rates

There is a three hour minimum, meaning you must pay a minimum of three hours of care even if you only require one hour of care.

A. Standard Rate

The standard rate pertains to any reservation made at least 48 hours in advance of needed care:

$25 . . . One Child

$30 . . . Two Children

$35 . . . Three Children

$40 . . . Four Children

$45 . . . Five Children

B. Overnight Care

An additional fee of $5 per hour is added to the set rate during Overnight Care between the hours of 10PM to 6AM

C. Holiday Rates

An additional fee of $5 per hour will be added to the set rate on the following days:

• New Year’s Eve (Late Night December 31)

• New Year’s Day (January 1)

• Independence Day (July 4)

• Thanksgiving (Fourth Thursday of November and Black Friday)

• Christmas Day (December 31)

3. Payment

A. A debit/credit card is required to hold the reservation (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club), although it will not be charged unless there is a last minute cancellation. A reservation fee/deposit may apply only to specific sits such as for an event, wedding, or special circumstance.

B. The child care fee is invoiced at the end of sit (provided care) and is to be paid to the nanny in cash-only on the same day upon the client’s return. The child care fee includes the agency fee. Gratuity is accepted and appreciated, yet not an expectation.

C. A cancellation fee of $50 will be processed if a cancellation is made within 48 hours of a reservation.

4. Forms

A Family Information & Release Form will be presented for the client to fill out upon the arrival of the nanny. This form requires family contact information and information about child(ren) being cared for. There are also signatures and initials required for the purpose of indemnity, payment terms, swimming waiver, and medical waiver. We aim to be eco-friendly and encourage the nannies to access the forms via smart phone or tablet (using the app SignEasy or EchoSign), but in some cases a paper copy may be used as back-up. An email is needed in order to provide you a copy of what you signed.

A. General Liability

The indemnity agreement means that you understand that the nanny is a pre-screened independent contractor providing their child care services and you agree to release and hold harmless and to indemnify Babysitters Hawaii in the case of loss or damage to property, or injury to any persons, etc as a result of the use of Babysitter Hawaii referral service.

B. Rate & Pay

An initial is needed to acknowledge that you understand payment terms and rate.

C. Swimming Waiver

Authorizes nanny to supervise child(ren) in the swimming pool on premises, not to include any nearby or surrounding ocean.

D. Medical Waiver

Authorizes the nanny to take action in the case you cannot be contacted in an emergency.

5. Child Care Provider Screening

Babysitters Hawaii refers babysitters/nannies who…

√ are Independent Contractors

√ hold Valid Government Issued Identification and/or Driver’s License

√ have Experience and Outstanding References

√ are CPR/First-Aid Certified

√ pass Medical Examination

√ pass Criminal History Screening

√ pass Sexual Offender Screening

A. Independent Contractors

Babysitters Hawaii is not an employer, but merely a resource and connection to finding a qualified nanny. The nannies in our database work for themselves and do not work for Babysitters Hawaii. The nannies are independent contractors and sole proprietors. Some of the nannies in the database of Babysitters Hawaii have a General Excise Tax License and all nannies are encouraged to document their earnings and file their taxes with the State of Hawaii. Inquiries regarding social security verification may be met through proof of GE Tax License.

B. Valid Government Issued Identification/Driver’s License

Babysitters Hawaii verifies that all nannies in our database are at least 18 years of age and have a valid government issued form of identification. Babysitters Hawaii verifies that all nannies in our database who drive a vehicle have a valid & current driver’s license. Babysitters Hawaii understands that some parents would like to hire a nanny with an outstanding driving record, but we leave it up to you to further investigate it. The transportation of children in a nanny’s vehicle is not allowed and not covered by our insurance policy. We recommend a cab service or shuttle for any transportation.

C. Experience/References

Babysitters Hawaii conducts an interview with the nanny making sure to assess the nanny’s related work experience, character, integrity, professionalism, conduct, and more. Babysitters Hawaii requires all nannies in our database to have at least three professional references and at least one character reference. Babysitters Hawaii checks all references.

D. CPR/First-Aid Certified

All nannies in our database hold current CPR/First-Aid certifications for adults, children, and infants.

E. Medical Evaluation

All nannies in our database have provided documented proof of good health by their medical doctor, as well as, a current TB clearance.

F. Criminal History Screening/Fingerprinting/FBI Criminal History Summary

All nannies in our database have been screened for criminal history involving felonies and/or pending charges. The most accurate criminal screening process is done through a FBI Criminal History Summary Check, individuals can pursue this for personal review, to challenge the information on record, to satisfy a requirement for adopting a child in the United States or internationally, or to satisfy a requirement to live, work, or travel in a foreign country. It is not in Babysitters Hawaii’s jurisdiction to be able to request such a summary, although you could personally request that the nanny obtain their own record in order to accurately and honestly inform you of any facts regarding their criminal history or non-existent criminal history. You may read more information below and visit the link.

Pursuant to 28 CFR 16.30-16.34, a Criminal History Summary is provided solely for you to conduct a personal review and/or obtain a change, correction, or updating of your record. It is not provided for the purpose of licensing or employment or any other purpose enumerated in 28 CFR 20.33. If the reason you are requesting a Criminal History Summary or proof that a Criminal History Summary does not exist is for employment, licensing, or adoption purposes within the United States, you may be required by state statute or federal law to submit your request through your state identification bureau, requesting federal agency, or other authorized channeling agency.


G. Sex Offender Search

All nannies in our database passed a national sex offender screening. The U.S. Department of Justice National Sex Offender Search, which searches the sex offender registries for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, U.S. territories, and Indian Country. http://www.nsopr.gov/

6. Hours of Operation

A. Child Care is 24 hours, 7 days a week (contingent on availability)

B. Phone: 8am – 4pm HST; after-hours will receive a response within the following business day. If you have an urgent request please state that in your message so that we can try our best to get back to you within the hour. It is possible we will return an after hours call if there is an emergency–as there is usually someone checking messages through out the day and evening in the event of emergencies–we urge you to please leave a detailed message if this is the case.

C. Email, Message or Form Submission via Web: Please allow one full business day for a response, although we aim to have a quick response time!

*Absolutely loved your nanny? Please write us an email about your experience! (: Unsatisfied? If you are not satisfied with your experience with your nanny, please let us know. Our extensive screening process is a continuous process and we value client feedback.*

7. Internet

A. Internet Privacy Policy Statement

Babysitters Hawaii understands that you are concerned about privacy, so we’ve instituted policies intended to ensure that your personal information is handled safely and responsibly. This Privacy Statement outlines the information Babysitters Hawaii will collect and how that information will be used. Please Click Here to Read More about our Internet Privacy Policy

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